What to Do After You’ve Found a Home You Love

What to Do After You’ve Found a Home You Love

  • The South Ocean Group
  • 03/22/23

You’re searching for a new home, your dream home. Somewhere you want to live for many, many years and enjoy life in. Somewhere with beautiful scenery, wonderful people, and plenty of luxurious homes to choose from. After months of searching and planning, you finally find it. Now what?

When you have firmly decided what you want your new home to be, it is time to make some phone calls and start doing lots of research. Here are some of the most helpful real estate tips for buyers that will guide you through the home buying process and ultimately lead you to successfully beating out the competition and moving into your dream home.

Get in touch with a real estate agent

One of the first steps to take after you’ve decided to buy a home is to get in touch with an experienced and reputable real estate agent who can work with you to come up with the best game plan for successfully purchasing your new home. A good real estate agent will listen to your needs and desires, help you with properly completing important documentation and dealing with competition from other buyers, and guide you through any negotiations with the home seller. The South Ocean Group is one of the best real estate agencies available when searching for Boca Raton Homes for sale, so reach out to them if you’re looking for reliable, qualified, and respectful real estate professionals to hire for the home buying process.

Learn as much as possible about your dream home and request a tour

After hiring a real estate agent, you should do as much research as possible on your dream home. Contact the homeowners and ask them about the specifics of their home, what they like most about it, and potential issues to look out for if they do end up selling it to you. 

Touring your dream home in person, according to HomeLight, is an excellent way to gain a firm understanding of what each room in the house looks and feels like. Reach out to the homeowner and schedule a tour as soon as possible. Not only will this convey to them how interested you are in their home, but it will also allow you to make better judgments of where you may potentially be living soon. Seeing certain rooms in person, especially the living room, kitchen, and primary bedroom, will give you a good sense of the house as a whole and may play a big role in shifting whether or not you actually wish to continue to pursue that particular home. 

Be unbiased and neutral in your tour of the home; letting your emotions about the home run away with you could result in you making an incorrect choice or going too far in chasing after a home that you may not enjoy after all is said and done. Take a look at what the surrounding neighborhood and town are like, and think critically about how you can redecorate and renovate the home to your liking if you end up buying it.

Make yourself a strong potential buyer

When you’re researching homes for sale and are hoping to get your hands on a luxurious one, it’s essential to make sure your finances are firmly in place before you go through with the buying process. Getting them pre-approved or being fully underwritten is a key step that most buyers tend to forget about or are unable to do, so wisely setting aside the right amount of money (and a little extra), cooperating with your real estate agent, and completing bank paperwork well ahead of time will definitely help you stand out as a star candidate to the seller.

Prepare for negotiation or competition

Remember that there will be other people out there who will also be trying to purchase the same home that you are trying to buy. Depending on where exactly your home is located, its amenities, listing price, and surrounding neighborhood and town, there may be lots of competition who are hoping to outbid you for your dream home. A real estate agent who truly has your best interests in mind will inform you of a tough market long in advance and guide you on how to deal with any unexpected challenges or high bids from other buyers. Work with your agent in order to negotiate and outbid others as best as possible. Be respectful to other buyers and stand out to the seller in any way you can.

Study and prepare for the appraisal process

Be prepared to assess the value of your dream home compared to that of other homes on the market. USA Today warns that if the appraisal is lower than either the price that the home is being sold for or the mortgage, then you may have to do some negotiating with the seller. You may end up spending even more money than originally planned, so always have extra money set aside in advance for any unexpected developments.

Be ready for closing

After the appraisal is complete, the final step is to close on the house. Most important paperwork should already be done, but don’t be afraid to ask the owner any final questions you may have, especially about any uncertainties or doubts you may have about any aspect of the property. Don’t rush through anything or skip questions just to complete the process. Ensure that you understand everything before finishing the deal.

And that’s it! If you follow these steps and have a trustworthy real estate agent, you have a great chance at successfully buying your dream home. If you have any questions or aren’t sure where to begin, don’t hesitate to reach out to The South Ocean Group for expert advice.

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